Why we should eat raw eggs in winter
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Raw eggs have some serious negative publicity around them, with many people convinced that eating a single raw egg is a guarantee of food poisoning like salmonella. While it’s true that raw eggs may be carriers of bacteria, they’re not the fore bringers of digestive woe that you’ve always been taught. So what is the truth behind raw eggs – do they offer health benefits or should they be avoided? It turns out the answer is more complicated than you might think…read on to find out more.
While you may make it a point to avoid under cooking your eggs, you could actually be eating raw eggs without even realizing it. Culinary creations such as Ceasar salad dressing, traditional egg nog, holindase sauce, and certain homemade ice cream recipes all call for raw eggs and can be enjoyed by many people who never experience a hint of the dreaded salmonella. Thankfully, eggs are out of the dog house of a decade ago when they were thought to be villainous contributors to high cholesterol and heart disease. Now, scientific research backs moderate egg consumption as a healthy way to boost your protein intake and get critical nutrients…as long as you don’t ruin them with unhealthy ingredients, of course.
Great source of protein
Eggs are one of the best sources of quick, healthy protein that will help you feel full for longer and sustain you till your next meal. Hard-boiled eggs can elevate a salad from a simple snack to a full, filling meal and a single egg provides six grams of essential protein.
Can protect your heart
Eggs are high in phospholipids which contribute to heart health, lower inflammation, and can help protect your ticker from various cardiovascular diseases. Plus, egg yolks, in particular, are rich in choline, a critical nutrient for heart and brain health.

Healthy fat
Your body needs good, healthy fat to fun ction and thankfully, more and more mainstream nutritionists and doctors are coming to realize the true nature of a balanced diet. Of course, it is critical that you eat the right kind of fat. Eggs are just that, with omega-3 fatty acids landing them squarely on the “healthy” side of the fat scale.

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