Patients having respiratory infections are prone to corona
| 1/28/2020 3:23:15 PM

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New Delhi,
Research paper published in Lancet about latest outbreaks in Wuhan city china said about that all 41 cases who found positive had comorbid disease. Lancet in well known medical Research papers. Comorbid means patients who have diseases like diabetes. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases) and lungs infections are much prone to corona virus.
Ex General physician of Ram Manohar Lohia hospital and doctor of President Dr. Mohsin wali said” so far no case of Noval corona virus is found in India, but precaution are always better than cure. Ministry of Health and family welfare issue an advisory for prevention that is based on latest research about corona published in Lancet magazine.

What are Symptoms

- Infection caused cluster of severe respiratory illness like cough and sneezing.

- Headache is also predominant.

- Irregular bowl problem. High fever

- Cough and sore throat.

- Running nose. Lost of appetite

How does it effects

- Novel corona virus resists in repiratory wall or wind pipe of human, pathogen of virus can develop in the middle of airways, so that it is important to keep shore wet

- It effect lungs later on kidey and damage brain fluid. Virus doed not have any medicine till now.

- Avoid Sea food. Close contact with people who keep on coughning and sneezing.

- It is highly contagious spread from drop let of human or infected patients.

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