How to Style Your Hair in 20's
| 11/29/2016 12:59:37 AM

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New Delhi: There was a time when experts used to say that every woman should cut her hair after 30. The good news? That idea is now as dated as telling us that we can’t wear white after Labor Day.

You can look great with long hair in every decade of your life and still feel age-appropriate with the help of some easy tips. But, remember hair is all about personal preference anyway, so wear whatever style you want with confidence. Experiment. You can play around with so many different styles, from one-length cuts to layered looks to modern and mussed,” says Angelo David Pisacreta, of New York City’s Angelo David Salon.

With your hair at its fullest, pulling off a style anywhere in the range from traditional to trendy is easy so you can be adventurous and give one a try. Or keep it simple. If you’re not into trends, that’s okay, too. That enviable carefree look is one that comes naturally in your twenties, so you can just enjoy it. “I mean it: Don’t do anything,” says Benjamin Mohapi, of West Hollywood’s Benjamin Salon. “Just spritz some water to smooth down strands if needed before you leave the house in the morning—now is the time to just let your hair do its own thing

Consider going for more polish. “Let’s assume you have a job by this point—you want a sense of professionalism attached to your hair,” says Mohapi. He recommends adding a bit of lift at the roots (Try Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost, $15, visit for locations) and bending the ends with an iron. “Be sure hair still has movement and swing to it—you never want it to look stiff,” he adds.

Side-part it. A simple side part adds both a sexy and polished vibe to any long hairstyle. “Use the arch of your eyebrow as reference points,” says Max Gierl, senior stylist at Mizu New York Salon. Parting too far to the side can look a bit juvenile, he warns. A side part adds instant volume to your hair, as well as balance to your facial features.

Add layers and bangs. It’s common to experience some hair loss or thinning by this age due to factors like hormones and natural aging, so wear long hair in a layered cut to help enhance volume, suggests Pisacreta. “I find may women in their forties want to add a few extensions for length at this age, or you can even try out bangs,” he says. They add fullness to the front, where hair most often thins out.

The bottom line: You can wear long hair at any age, but these pointers will help you customize your style to fit your hair’s unique needs in each decade.

Source: Women'sHealth

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